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David McClements is one of the UK’s leading Personal and Organisational Development Coaches who has trained numerous organisations across the world.

From helping business teams to function more effectively or inspiring managers and sales forces to be even more impactful, David has built an enviable reputation for stimulating enhanced performance in today’s competitive and stressful environment. As one senior executive described it - “He just really understands business, life, and performance. After seeing the impact of the management training from David we trained ALL our managers, globally!” Former CEO BBC Worldwide.

David's passion for learning and development was ignited early in his career and as a result he literally went around the globe to learn from the best as how to truly engage and develop individuals and organisations. He then established Maclemons (previously known as Whitewater) to enable the development of training solutions which ACTUALLY work!! Engaging delegates, inspiring the desire to learn, giving REAL skills, and ultimately delivering the objectives for the client.

Some of the leading International companies who have enrolled David’s expertise to enable their organisations to perform better include Twitter, Bain & Co, British Airways, Accenture, BBC Worldwide,, The Atlantic, Tastemade, Kleinwort Capital, Gresham Private Equity, and many others.

This has ranged from his globally acclaimed Management Essentials programme, to Selling with Impact, and Negotiation Skills. His book “Essential Negotiation Skills for Recruiters” comes out later in 2021.

David is renowned for his engaging and direct but heart-warming style, and is an ideal addition to any company’s array of development tools, whether as a motivational speaker, a coach for personal peak performance or a consultant in developing key management skills.

“I am completely unshakeable in my belief that ‘Businesses aren’t successful, people are!’ The effective management of the people in any organisation dictates its success, yet so many individuals end up in key positions having had little to no practical help in how to do this well. The number 1 reason people leave their jobs, is their boss, so it is of paramount importance managers and leaders get this help.”

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